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Based on the Power of Our Natural Immune System

Scientific Findings on Hypochlorous Acid and HOCl Fogging

HOCl has been evaluated by regulatory agencies, healthcare institutions, professional organizations, independent laboratories, and academic institutions in more than 50 countries.


USDA states that HOCI can be used as a no-rinse disinfectant on fruit and vegatables, and can be used in organic production and handling.

An NIH study says, “HOCl fogging is the best technique, with its ability to disinfect large areas by producing small, aerosolized particles to control viruses.”

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The FDA considers HOCI to be “the agent that has the highest bactericidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms.”

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HOCI is found on EPA’s “List N,” meaning it’s approved to kill all strains and variants of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Are you ready to take your home and business disinfection to the next level?

Genesis 2.6 HOCl Fogger

Scientific studies have shown that viruses are transmitted primarily through the air and not surfaces. HOCl fogging is the only technology that effectively disinfects and sanitizes air and surfaces simultaneously.

Perfect for family gatherings, parties, and events.

Genesis and HOCl give Airbnb hosts the “enhanced clean” their guests look for when booking.

Genesis 2.6 HOCl Fogger by Genesis Fogger
COVID-19 Virus
HOCl Fogger by Genesis Fogger

There’s nothing more natural or more effective than HOCl.

What is HOCl?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

HOCl is simply (H) Hydrogen, (O) Oxygen, and (Cl) Chlorine.

According to the National Institutes of Health “HOCl may well be the disinfectant of choice for coronaviruses.”

HOCl is a natural product of the human body. It’s found at the white blood cell level as part of our natural immune system.

HOCl is relied upon in the body as the first line of defense in response to injury and infection.

Not all HOCl is created equal. Our HOCl is a hospital-grade disinfectant and is manufactured through a unique process, using reverse osmosis water, which eliminates residue.

Genesis and HOCl in the Home

From the front door to the back, and every room in between.

Living Areas

fog high traffic areas and perfect for vaulted ceilings

Kitchen HOCl Fogger by Genesis Fogger

The Kitchen

cross-contamination, cutting boards, appliances, countertop, and floor

The Bathroom

tub, toilet, sink, floor and soap scum, mold, and odors

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Genesis 2.6 in Action

Peak Performance HOCl Fogger by Genesis Fogger

Peak Performance

Ryan Morissey

CDC Headquarters

Broomys LLC

Maryland Chiropractic

Dr Eric Schmitt

Thurmont Family Dentistry HOCl Fogger by Genesis Fogger

Thurmont Family Dentistry

Sarah Raymond, DDS

Raices Brewery HOCl Fogger by Genesis Fogger

Raices Brewery

José D Beteta

All About Men Barber Shop

Joey Kline


Apart from COVID disinfection what else can Genesis combat?

Because HOCl is also lethal to e-coli, norovirus, and 99.9% of viruses and other pathogens, Genesis customers say they will continue fogging post-COVID, as part of their cleaning regimen.

What is the recommended HOCl strength for use in the home?

Our HOCl is a hospital-grade disinfectant and a ready-to-use spray for non-porous surfaces. Also, when properly diluted, it’s extremely versatile throughout the home and for personal use.

The ideal concentration for fogging is no stronger than 200 ppm HOCl (no stronger than 2 parts water – distilled is recommended, to 1 part HOCl).

When fogged, surfaces should not be soaking wet. Only a fine mist is needed, which dries in minutes. If surfaces are wet, this indicates the operator is standing too close and that the volume of solution is dialed too high. In this case, stand further away from surfaces and dial back solution. Also, for proper “dry” fogging, keep the fogger moving to avoid over-wetting surfaces.

What else can HOCl be used for?

Beyond a disinfectant, HOCl is a great wound-care agent, aids in coagulation, speeds healing, and improves restoration of normal tissue with minimal scarring.

When used properly, HOCl is noncorrosive, but it is not intended to remain in contact for extended periods of time on materials such as brass, copper, iron, or lower quality steel.

Care and Use of Genesis Fogger

Dilute HOCl solution 2:1 (2 part water to 1 part HOCl). Distilled water is highly recommended to avoid residue and build-up.

Rinse after each use by fogging with distilled water for 10 seconds to flush fogger.

First switch the red (air-flow) dial to the low setting, then slowly turn the blue (solution control) dial for the proper amount of HOCl solution.

Fog at least 8-10 feet from surfaces (you can fog from more than 30 feet away). Proper fogging produces a very fine (20-50 microns, much finer than a human hair) mist and does not overly wet surfaces.

Surfaces should feel dry to the touch almost immediately after being fogged, depending on environmental humidity. There should never be soaking or puddling of solution on surfaces.

Once fogging is complete, shut off the blue dial first to stop the flow of solution. Allow the fogger to run until solution no longer emerges. Then pivot the nozzle upward to avoid dripping.

Shut off the red air-flow dial.

Rinsing at the end of daily use with a small amount of distilled water to remove any residual HOCl from fogger is recommended (fog with distilled water for 15 seconds).

Never overfill tank – always leave 1” of space, visible through side window on top for air to mix with solution properly.

Always store fogger upright, with nozzle also in the upright position.


About Us

With over 25 years’ experience in the dental and medical fields, we established the company in March 2018 to bring solutions to these industries. In early 2020, we had numerous customers contacting us for new and more effective methods of disinfection.

After researching various technologies, we recognized the potential of HOCl fogging and brought the Genesis Fogger to market. The Genesis Fogger + HOCl has been a game changer for small businesses, restaurants, churches, and clinics needing a fast, thorough, and safe method of disinfection. And, because the Genesis Fogger + HOCl is extremely customizable, it soon became apparent that the Genesis Fogger is also the perfect solution for home air and surface disinfection, too.

The name Genesis reflects the Biblical story in Genesis chapter 2, verse 6 “…and a mist (fog) was going up from the land,” because HOCl fogging restores air to its optimal condition, as it was “In the Beginning”.

“In the Beginning, we breathed clean air…
with Genesis, you still can.” ™

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