In the Beginning,
We Breathed Clean Air.

with genesis, you still can.

Spotlighted in Dental Industry’s premier trade publication for new disinfectant technology.

Clean Air, Clean Surfaces

Simultaneously clean air from ceiling to floor and everything in between.

Environmentally Safe

Naturally occuring, powerful disinfectant.

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Spotlighted in Dental Industry’s premier trade publication for new disinfection technology

A Healthy Clean

Featured in the WELL BEING JOURNAL, one of the nation’s most informative health magazines/journals found in every Whole Foods store.


Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous. Breaks down into harmless components.

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Genesis + HOCL

The first and last word in hocl atomizing

Genesis 2.6 HOCl Atomizer

HOCl atomizing combats what's in your air.

HOCl atomizing allows you to safely eliminate bacteria and viruses, and airborne mold that are present in the air, removes odors in bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces that tend to hold strong odors.

HOCl atomizing is efficient.

While it cleans the air, the HOCl mist settles on surfaces, eliminating bacteria and viruses missed by routine surface disinfection. .

HOCl atomizing saves time.

HOCl atomizing quickly cleanses air and surfaces, from high ceilings to floors, and every hard-to-reach surface in between.

COVID-19 Virus
COVID-19 Virus

Convey to your customers and employees that their health and safety is your top priority.

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Industries & Institutions We Serve

HOCl atomizing is the perfect addition to any business, commercial or residential sanitizing routine.

COVID-19 Virus
COVID-19 Virus

Genesis Stationary UX4

Set It & Forget It

Ideal for smaller spaces, highly customizable to your unique environment.

Made Specifically for HOCl

Designed to optimally distribute HOCl, providing the very best environmental infection control.

Only Available Here

With over 250,000 units sold in Japan, it's now available for the first time with Genesis.

Commercial & Residential Products

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Our HOCl is the highest quality, most rigorously tested and certified HOCl available, and it’s more effective against a broader range of pathogens

Genesis 2.6
HOCl Atomizer

1 Gallon (128oz.)
HOCl Natural Cleaner

4 Quarts (32oz)
HOCl Natural Cleaner

2 Quarts (32oz)
HOCl Natural Cleaner

Genesis UX4

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What is HOCl?

Hypochlorous is:
Harmless, Optimal, and (Green) Clean

Hypochlorous, often abbreviated as HOCl, stands for 3 natural elements found on the Periodic Table of Elements:

H – Hydrogen, O – Oxygen, and Cl – Chlorine*

*not to be confused with chlorine bleach

The perfect disinfectant must be both safe for use around people, pets, and plants, and simultaneously effective at swiftly eliminating a wide range of pathogens.

HOCl Scores an “A+” on Every Point.

Its Harmless nature is attributed to its non-toxic and hypoallergenic composition, mirroring the elements found naturally in the white blood cells of every mammal. Hypochlorous is so safe that it’s used in neonatal units. As an Optimal choice, HOCl offers effective disinfection (100 times more effective than chlorine bleach) without harmful byproducts, ensuring a thorough yet gentle approach. It’s the only product that can be safely atomized for protection against airborne pathogens. In terms of (Green) Clean, HOCl is environmentally friendly, and breaks down into harmless components. It is organic* in the truest sense of the word. *being or relating to or derived from or having properties characteristic of living organisms. These qualities make HOCl an ideal and conscientious choice for various applications, promoting safety, efficacy, and environmental responsibility.

HOCl has been evaluated by regulatory agencies, healthcare institutions, professional organizations, independent laboratories, and academic institutions in more than 50 countries.

The FDA considers HOCI to be “the agent that has the highest bactericidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms.”

USDA states that HOCI can be used as a no-rinse disinfectant on fruit and vegetables, and can be used in organic production and handling.

An NIH study says, “HOCl atomizing is the best technique, with its ability to disinfect large areas by producing small, aerosolized particles to control viruses.”

United States Environmental Protection Agency Logo

HOCI is found on EPA’s “List N,” meaning it’s approved to kill all strains and variants of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and the new “List Q,” for killing Emerging Viral Pathogens (EVPs)

Genesis 2.6
in Action

Our products are used in hotels, breweries, medical facilities, fitness centers, veterinary clinics and personal homes all over the United States. 

CDC Headquarters
Broomys LLC
Raices Brewery
José D Beteta
Joe R.
We use the Genesis Fogger daily...it has removed the musty smell and we breathe better knowing our air and surfaces are clean... I highly recommend the Genesis Fogger.
Robin D.
We had flooding and couldn't get rid of the moldy smell, even after two professional cleaning companies tried. The Genesis Fogger plus HOCl is the only thing that worked. Thank you!
Thurmont Family Dentistry
Sarah Raymond, DDS
All About Men Barber Shop
Joey Kline
Peak Performance
Ryan Morissey
Patricia M.
I couldn't be happier with my Genesis Fogger, and an unexpected bonus has been how much better our rental properties smell after thoroughly cleaning the air.
Maryland Chiropractic
Dr. Eric Schmitt
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About Genesis + HOCL

Superior Science
Powered by Nature

Founded by Daryl Bernard who has nearly 30 years of experience in the dental and medical fields, Genesis + HOCL grew from a need for more effective methods of disinfection.

“After researching various technologies, we recognized the potential of HOCl atomizing and brought this product to market as a game changer for small businesses, medical offices, animal care facilities, restaurants, schools, and gyms, that need fast, safe, and thorough disinfection methods.”

Free eBook

Curious about Hypochlorous? This free guide goes over everything you need to know!

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