Genesis + HOCL

Safe and reliable disinfection solutions.

With over 25 years’ of experience in the dental and medical fields, we established the company in March 2018 to bring solutions to these industries. In early 2020, we had numerous customers contacting us for new and more effective methods of disinfection.

After researching various technologies, we recognized the potential of HOCl atomizing and brought the Genesis 2.6 Atomizer to market. The Genesis 2.6 has been a game changer for medical facilities, animal care facilities, nursing homes, fitness centers, restaurants, churches, and other businesses, needing a quick, thorough, and safe method of disinfection.

Our customers loved the Genesis 2.6 so much, many of them requested a “set it and forget it” option for smaller spaces.  We’re happy to answer that demand with the Genesis UX4 HOCl Stationary Atomizer, bringing this innovative technology to your home.

The name Genesis reflects the Biblical story in Genesis chapter 2, verse 6 “…and a mist (fog) was going up from the land,” because HOCl atomizing/fogging restores air to its optimal condition, as it was “In the Beginning”.

“In the Beginning, we breathed clean air…with Genesis, you still can.” ™

Clean Air Technology


HOCl is Nature's Safest and Most Effective Disinfectant

100X More Effective

HOCl is over 100x more effective than chlorine bleach at eliminating bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous

HOCl is non-toxic to people and their pets, and environmentally friendly as well.

Naturally Occurring in Humans (and All Mammals)

HOCl is found in the white blood cell levels of all mammals, as part of the natural immune system.


HOCl is hypoallergenic and alcohol and bleach-free.

Commercial & Residential

Disinfectant Supplies

Genesis 2.6
HOCl Fogger

1 Gallon (128oz.)
HOCl Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant

4 Quarts (32oz)
HOCl Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant

2 Quarts (32oz)
HOCl Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant

Genesis UX4

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Curious about Hypochlorous? This booklet goes over everything you need to know!

Where should we send your FREE eBook: The Power of HOCl?

Free eBook

Curious about Hypochlorous? This free guide goes over everything you need to know!

Where should we send your FREE eBook about the power of HOCl?

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