About Genesis Fogger

With over 25 years’ experience in the dental and medical fields, we established the company in March 2018 to bring solutions to these industries. In early 2020, we had numerous customers contacting us for new and more effective methods of disinfection.

After researching various technologies, we recognized the potential of HOCl fogging and brought the Genesis Fogger to market. The Genesis Fogger + HOCl has been a game changer for small businesses, restaurants, churches, and clinics needing a fast, thorough, and safe method of disinfection. And, because the Genesis Fogger + HOCl is extremely customizable, it soon became apparent that the Genesis Fogger is also the perfect solution for home air and surface disinfection, too.

The name Genesis reflects the Biblical story in Genesis chapter 2, verse 6 “…and a mist (fog) was going up from the land,” because HOCl fogging restores air to its optimal condition, as it was “In the Beginning”.

“In the Beginning, we breathed clean air…
with Genesis, you still can.” ™

Genesis 2.6 HOCl Fogger by Genesis Fogger
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