Genesis UX4 HOCl Atomizer

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Set It & Forget It:

Ideal for smaller spaces, highly customizable to your unique environment.

Made Specifically for HOCl:

Designed to optimally distribute HOCl, providing the very best environmental infection control. The HOCl is diluted 9:1, so one gallon can last for months in a residential setting.

Ultra-Quiet Operation:

You’ll instantly recognize the quality of the UX4, from its streamlined appearance, to its nearly silent operation and soothing blue light.



The UX4 is a stationary atomizer that uses ultrasonic sound waves to break a liquid solution into millions of individual droplets that are then dispersed into the air as a mist with particles that are 4-5 microns in diameter.

Uniquely designed to optimally distribute HOCl, each component is noncorrosive, and the ultrasonic transducer at the core of the unit is chemical resistant.

Designed by SEIKO GIKEN INC. in Japan. With over 50 years in business and over 250,000 ultrasonic atomizers sold, making it the #1 brand of ultrasonic atomizers in Japan.

Dimensions: 15” h x 10” w x 6” d

Weight: 8 lbs. empty 17 lbs. full

Particle Size: 4-5 microns

Coverage: up to 650 sq. ft


Additional information


12.75 × 9 × 18.25 in

2 reviews for Genesis UX4 HOCl Atomizer

  1. Aileen H.

    The UX4 has made a noticeable difference in our air quality. Honestly, the results are better than we had hoped. This technology is next-level.

  2. Max

    This may be a slightly unconventional use of the Genesis 2.6 Atomizer and Genesis UX4 Stationary Atomizer, but we use them to take care of the tack in our barn. We have probably 30 saddles and even more sets of bridles and breastplates, which adds up to an enormous investment. And unless you have a climate and humidity-controlled tack room, when your tack is well-conditioned you know the battle against that white powdery mildew – and once it starts (and it always does), it’s nearly impossible to keep it from coming back unless you have the time to clean all your tack every few days. We started with the Genesis 2.6 and used it to get into all the little crevices – behind the buckles, under the laces on reins, in all the stitched-down loops, and under the flaps and skirts of the saddles. We even used it to clean where the tack hangs against the walls. We then cleaned the tack as we normally would, started the UX4 Atomizer, and even running it just a few hours a couple of times a week, none of the mildew has returned – even after ten months. Honestly, we probably wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t seen it for ourselves – and it’s incredibly worth it when you consider the cost of tack, plus the hours and hours saved not having to constantly work to keep the powdery mildew at bay. The bonus is that using the UX4 Atomizer in an enclosed area where people invariably gather, we’re also protecting the staff and boarders from the inevitable colds and viruses. For us, the UX4 Stationary Atomizer is the must-have. We’ll never be without it!

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